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acting auditions for 14 year old females in manchester in United Kingdom

95 Results
I-m a teenager living in north london and i-m looking for some singing/acting auditions..
I'm a 14 year old looking for any acting/singing auditions around North London.. If you are holding, or know of any auditions, I'd love it if you could tell me...
Casting auditions london
hello i am really into acting and i searched the internet but i did not find what i was looking for and i was wondering if you have any movie auditions for 14 year...
Acting/dancing auditions
Hey my name is theo, im 14 years old. i go to intake performing arts college and love doing acting and dancing, im looking for auditions for any kind of dance...
Advertising and acting auditions
Hi there, my name is Charlotte and I am nearly 14 years old. I have attended Stagecoach for 1 year which offers singing, dancing and drama lessons each week....
List acting auditions uk
I'm a 32 year old actor/musician/comedian. Willing to take on any work within these categories. Have experience.
Acting role for 15 year old boy in belfast
i am a 15 year old boy from portadown but am willing to travel to belfast for auditions
Singing(solo or band) or acting auditions
Hi, my name is Ashley. I live just outside Glasgow, Scotland. I am 15 years old, and I will be turning 16 at the end of 2011. I am very interested in music and...
17 year old male looking for an acting role - see description for details
My names Rhys Lewis, in 17 years old and i'm looking for a future career in acting. I have some acting experience in the past, as i was cast as the lead role...
15 year old male seeks auditions in scotland preferably but can travel.
Hi, i am a 15 year old boy looking for some castings in scotland preferably but i can travel, i have done a few things which hve gained me experience and hope...
Chloe lawton here looking for any acting/singing/dancing auditions going!
Hey, my names Chloe! I'm 14 years old, going on 15 in just under half a year and I've always wanted to be part of a tv programme, movie, advert etc. and i was...
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