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Exotic serval savannah caracals ocelot and felins kittens for sale
Hi to all pet lovers we are  breeders of 10years of experience we have with we exotic serval savannah caracals ocelot and felins kittens for .they are well termed...
Ready!!! baby girl kinkajou
£ 300 Offer
She is raised in our home with lots of love from our family and Grandchildren. Kinkajous can make great playful and interesting pets if you spend the time with...
Rare african exotic kittens for sale
I have  5 rare african exotic kittens, which are serval, savannah, ocelot, bengal and caracal, i got 2nd, 3th and 4th generation kittens, they are TICA registered...
We have a males and females sugar glider joey available.
£ 200 Offer
We have a males and females sugar glider Joey available. Must be sold to someone who knows about about Gliders. Please be aware that even though these may look...
Tamed & talking blue & gold macaw parrots
They are DNA Tested and love the company of kids and other household pets.They are ready for their homes, and will make you a great lifetime companion pets.
Fennec fox pups
£ 500 Offer
FENNEC FOX - Fennec Fox babies raised from home. 8 weeks old and above. very tame, could be shipped if necessary.Theses babies will come with free cage and toys...
Mcdoggy's dog walking, pet sitting & pet boarding
We offer a caring service for you're pets. Whilst you are away we will come to you're home and walk you're dog or feed you're cat. When we leave we will make sure...
Beautiful beagle puppies for pets lovers
£ 300 Offer
Beautiful Beagle Puppies For Pets Lovers, well trained and is AKC registered.he is 9weeks old and has 1year health guarantee.he runs and plays around like a 4years...
Toucan birds and fertile eggs for sale
£ 1.200 Offer
We have Toucan birds such as Toco Toucans, Channel Billed toucans, Chestnut-mandibled Toucan  and Keel-billed Toucan , Red-billed Toucan, Swainsons toucan with...
Pomeranian gets along well with other dogs and household pets
£ 280 Offer
Pomeranian gets along well with other dogs and household pets, especially if socialized at a young age. However, it does not tolerate mistreatment and will not...
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